Bartender’s services offered by    proffesional, young and experienced bartender from capital of Podlasie region.

Unique bartender’s shows in Flair style give You positive energy. Flying bottles and bartender’s equipment make Your party exceptional and unforgettable.

Blazing up flames heat the atmosphere !

Sitting at the bar, You can indulge Yourself in colourful and refreshing drinks, served by handsome and smiling bartender.

About me

Name: Przemysław Marczuk


Place of living: Białystok


Date of birth: 8 October 1991


Short biography:  My Flair bartender’s career started in May 2009. I broke my first bottle in the age of 17. At that time, I was attending second class of gastronomic school in Bialystok, waiter specialisation.


In July 2009, I decided to attend one week bartender’s course in Sosnowiec Bartenders’ Flair Academy. Through this training, I learned the basics of non-conventional art of bartending and then improve my skills. Time in Sosnowiec gave me motivation to train, but the beginning was tough.


On November, 22 2009 I decided to attend first contest, but as an observer only. Independent Flair League Grand Final was held in Champions Restaurant at Marriot hotel. All bartenders stars from Europe and Poland were there. During this event, I saw the best ones and also I noticed the details, which I didn’t have a chance to see on video. My internal hunger to be like them motivated me to spend more hours to practice.


Winter 2009/2010 I spent in my garage – my first training room. On January, 22 2010 I attended another contest – Warsaw Flair Challenge in Capitol Club. Another emotions and another top world bartenders. On that day, I promised to myself that next year I will start in this contest. Before that happened, I received invitation for the elimination round of IFL contest in Warsaw. I was preparing very carefully and 14 of May I attended my first Polish bartender’s contest in Flair style. I made a lot new contacts, met new people. Among of them it was Mr. Dariusz Owczarek -  today one of the top Flair style bartender in Poland, who did his first performance too on that day. I owe much to this guy, he supported me a lot. Following months, I attended contests in Olsztyn, Krakow and I got 4th place in Flair Sunday Competition in Sopot.


Year 2011 brought me a lot of shows and experience. During 12 months, I attended 16 competitions. 3 of April, I won the prize for the best cocktail and I was 5th in Dirty Shakers – Time to Flair competitions. In March 3-4 it was second edition of the biggest international competition in Poland – Warsaw Flair Challenge.


According to last year promise I took part in this contest. It was attended by 60 fighters from Poland, Italy, UK, Ukraine, Russia and France. Each contest motivated me to hard work. October, 30 - was the day of breakthrough in my career – I took part in most prestigious competition in the world -  Roadhouse World Flair in London, organized for 12 years.



Then, on December, 3 I went to Kiev to attend Planet of Bartenders, where it was 60 competitors and 3 of them only from Poland.               


Year 2012 brought more international trips. March, 14 I was 9th in 4th German  International Flair Open in Wiesbaden. In April I attended again Roadhouse World Flair in London. May was great – I attended Southwest Europe Flair Kings in Pula, Croatia.


One of the more interesting experience was a chance to judge in Flair Addict Basic in Wroclaw.


Besides Flair art: In my free time I like to relax – fishing and enjoying peace and quiet.

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