Bartender’s services offered by    proffesional, young and experienced bartender from capital of Podlasie region.

Unique bartender’s shows in Flair style give You positive energy. Flying bottles and bartender’s equipment make Your party exceptional and unforgettable.

Blazing up flames heat the atmosphere !

Sitting at the bar, You can indulge Yourself in colourful and refreshing drinks, served by handsome and smiling bartender.

Roadhouse World Flair Competition

On Sep, 30 it will take place another elimination round to great December final of the Roadhouse World Flair in London. I will have a chance to take part for a third time in this most prestigious competition in the world. I’m going there to get some more experience and fight for evening final. I hope I will be lucky to get to December final.

Keep Your fingers crossed for me again!

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