Bartender’s services offered by    proffesional, young and experienced bartender from capital of Podlasie region.

Unique bartender’s shows in Flair style give You positive energy. Flying bottles and bartender’s equipment make Your party exceptional and unforgettable.

Blazing up flames heat the atmosphere !

Sitting at the bar, You can indulge Yourself in colourful and refreshing drinks, served by handsome and smiling bartender.


One often may think what can make Your party different from others? What attraction can make special Your wedding party, company meeting, birthday party or prom?




The superior goal of my services is satisfying my clients’ needs by building strong relations and offering highest level of services. Organized drink bars give You access to the most sophisticated drinks and my show – most experienced Flair bartender in the region of Bialystok – makes attractive any party!







During Flair style bartender’s show, experienced bartender presents his skills by doing complicated evolutions with bottles, shakers and other professional stuff. During the show, he does impressive pouring and prepares colourful drinks in very non-conventional way.  



Each show is accompanied by selected easy to hear music, which invites people to common fun and to support the bartender. The peak of the event is the show with burning bottles. This part heats Your party the most of all! At the end, most active participants, will have a chance “to fight” for previously prepared drinks.  Many contests, among them: spectacular way of drinking “shot”, making Your own evolution with a bottle or creating Your own drink, encourage You to have better fun.





Not every party means drinking strong pure alcohol, skew face and the next day – big hangover.


My answer to these effects is an organized drink bar. Nice garnished, colourful, refreshing and not always very strong drinks, allow Your guests to enjoy the taste. Tasty and chilled drinks quench Your thirst and make You willing to play.


Specially prepared drink menu offer something for everyone. You can find strong drinks for men and sweet and colourful for women.


Menu offers non-alcoholic drinks too  – colourful and refreshing – for drivers and kids.


Each drink bar offers special gift for the most important guests in the party.

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